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Spark AC Wave2 Mini™ PoE

  • A cost-effective indoor 802.11ac wave2 dual-radio access point that doesn’t take up much space

  • 802.3af support and two Gigabit ports makes it ideal for enterprise networks

  •  IgniteNet™’s Spark™ AC Wave2 Mini PoE is an access-point with 802.3af support for powering it with PoE switches. The new device has two Gigabit Ethernet ports for utilising the full capacity and is still leading in terms of performance, value and size in the enterprise market. The Spark™ AC Wave2 Mini PoE contains 2 independent, concurrent operation radios – one 802.11ac (5GHz) radio and one 802.11n (2.4GHz) radio – capable of delivering blisteringly fast wireless speeds. The sleek design of the Spark™ AC Wave2 Mini PoE allows it to be placed inconspicuously in both offices and homes, bringing fast wireless connections to hard-to-reach locations

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