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It's not just another Wi-Fi system.
It's better Wi-Fi and safer Internet ahead.

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Designing Efficient and Cost Effective Home Wifi Networks

Keep the connections to us!

Enjoy a Wifi network that never drops, is secure, and ensures optimum functioning of all your devices! We start by understanding the physical layout of your space and strategically think to install a strong home wifi network that delivers quality with a seamless experience for you in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

Data Cloud

Easy To Handle

All of your access points are manageable by a cloud controller making it easier for you to make changes.


Access more than 100 devices simultaneously

With our latest product range, we offer MIMO technology, wifi speeds up to GBPS while providing simultaneous 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz, Guest wifi networks.

What’s Slowing Down Your Network?

The weakened signal or WiFi dead spots could be the result of physical obstructions. Simple things like the floor, doors and walls of your home can come between you and your router, especially if they’re made of metal, brick, or concrete. Or perhaps the distance is simply too great in a large home, and your traditional router is only capable of reaching as far as the kitchen, but not to the backyard, the garage, or a distant bedroom. Interference from other devices could also be the culprit, whether it’s your microwave, cordless phone, or baby monitor. If you live in close quarters with other WiFi networks and devices—such as in an apartment complex—this problem increases tenfold. Think of it like a room full of people who are all speaking at once—nobody’s going to be heard very well.

Our Network Solutions

Whole-Home WiFi Devices Blend into Your Home Environment

Let’s face it—today’s WiFi routers are often oversized and unsightly, requiring extra space to extend the antennas and creating a mess of cables jutting every which way. More often than not, homeowners attempt to disguise them, hiding routers in the closet or behind the TV, which only serves to reduce their wireless network performance. Most home WiFi devices, like Linksys Velop, have a much smaller footprint in your home, and actively reduce clutter. You can leave them out in plain sight without worrying about them becoming eyesores because their home-friendly design is unobtrusive enough to blend in with the rest of your décor.

Standout Features of the Whole Home WiFi System
  • Wireless and Wired Systems


In a modular system, there’s one node connected to your modem that acts as a router. Each additional node finds the best channel and path to wirelessly connect to the previous one, creating a seamless and reliable WiFi connection throughout your entire home.


However, if your home is already wired with Ethernet cables in every room, some mesh systems can still connect the nodes together using an Ethernet cable to create a whole-home WiFi system. Even using the wired option, you’ll still be able to expand your signal to hard-to-reach areas such as the garage or basement

  • One Network and Seamless Roaming

The name “mesh network” itself implies that every component of your WiFi system is working together, and seamless roaming is a perfect example of that. When you use a router and range extender combination, you have to switch between the networks manually as you move from one coverage zone to the other.

But with seamless roaming, you only have one network with one name and password—that means that as you move about your home, you’ll never have to manually switch from one network to the other. So go ahead, stream video in the living, kitchen, or bedroom without worrying about buffering or a dropped connection.

  • Guest Network

Using a guest network keeps your primary WiFi network safe from intrusion, blocking outside users from accessing your personal data. But never fear, you can still provide Internet access to your dinner guests or babysitter without compromising the security of your main network. Simply adjust the guest settings using your mobile management app.

We can also limit the bandwidth allocation to the guests to keep your speed uninterrupted.

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